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AppleWhite Dental

Dubuque, Iowa

Smiles all around

An Iowa dentist partners with Tonka Bay to create one of the region's fastest-growing dental practice management companies.

Dr. Thomas McCoy, D.D.S., had high aspirations for his future. After selling his dental practice, he sought to take his expertise to the next level by launching a dental practice management company in his home state of Iowa.

He couldn't do it alone — but after being introduced to Tonka Bay, he knew he'd found the ideal partner for helping him achieve his goals. Tonka Bay had extensive experience in dental management. But equally important, Dr. McCoy immediately hit it off with Cary Musech, Tonka Bay founder and Managing Principal.

"Tonka Bay's approach, flexibility, and operating style were a perfect fit for me," McCoy said. "The firm has a great reputation in Iowa, including a desire to be in the dental business in this state. It truly was serendipity that we met and formed what has become a prosperous partnership."

As President of AppleWhite Dental, Dr. McCoy is leading the company on its journey to acquire dental practices in Iowa and surrounding states. AppleWhite is executing a unique strategy of developing a group of practices that replicate the traditional dental office experience, but with the cost advantages and management expertise that come from operating as a group practice.

The current market for dental care is large and highly fragmented. It is also significantly growing, due in large part to an aging population and increased demand for aesthetic dental procedures. Dr. McCoy and Tonka Bay are eager to capitalize on these attractive demographics and market conditions with their newly formed partnership.

"AppleWhite Dental is a prime example of Tonka Bay creating value by growing businesses through our Investor CEO program," said Tonka Bay's Musech. "By partnering with Dr. McCoy, we've successfully developed an infrastructure and strategy to create a leading dental management company with aggressive growth prospects. It's an exciting opportunity for everyone involved."

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