Tonka Bay on the Air

Tonka Bay Equity Partners Principal Steve Soderling was recently featured in a podcast on Today’s Business Radio. Click here to listen.

In this podcast, Steve discusses a type of liquidity event often referred to as a recapitalization.  This “partial sale” of a business allows an owner to take a cash distribution today and team up with a capital provider to take advantage of future growth opportunities.  In addition to diversifying a business owner’s net worth and strengthening the capital base of the company, Steve explains how partnering with a private equity firm in a recapitalization can provide a deep network of resources to accelerate growth, and plan for an ultimate exit strategy years down the road. 

About Tonka Bay Equity Partners
Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Tonka Bay has been Building Bigger, Better Businesses® for over 25 years. Tonka Bay Equity Partners is a private equity firm that acquires and invests in growth-oriented businesses in the highly engineered manufacturing, business services and value-added distribution sectors. For more information, call (952) 345-2030 or visit

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